West Coast Trip June 2018

((Despite a few german people complaining about me writing my blog in English, I will probably continue doing so because I miss it.))

Hi there friends!
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Deutschland hat mich wieder :)

So first of all I'd like to apologize for not posting anything in months. It was just that so so much happened during the last weeks of my exchange year and back in Germany, school started and everything so ...yeah. I've been quite busy but obviously, I do not want to leave this blog unfinished.

In this post, I'm not gonna talk much about me leaving the US, being back to Germany and my summary of the year but instead I will continue with my blog just as if there was no time gap.

This is why I present to you today….
…drum rolls…
the trip video(s) of the West Coast trip I went on in June!!
Yay! I finally finished editing them and I like the way they turned out...reminding me of summer and the beautiful US.

I hope you enjoy watching them and stay tuned for following blog posts 'cause I've promised myself finishing this blog over the next few...weeks? months? I don't really know yet, but anyway it's gonna be done! :))


Your now-again-german (but still american) Larissa <3


Walking in Memphis

On Wednesday I was walking in Memphis! My AFS coordinator Karen took me, some other exchange students and my bestie Jess to Memphis, and it was so much fun! Here's some pics for y'all:

Crossing the Mississippi River from Arkansas to Tennessee


Thanks to Jess for this sweet gift!
Someone in Germany will always love you too <3

Beale Street in the evening is the best Memphis atmosphere,
they play music everywhere and it's just a unique vibe/atmosphere!

Ladies all across the world,
stand up and salute! <3

I spent the night at Jess's house and in the morning we had
breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It's one of my favorite american restaurants
and I will miss it and all the other restaurants and stores really bad...

Even though I go home on June 25th, I now only have about one and a half weeks left here in Arkansas with my family. That's because I'll go on a super exciting West Coast Trip for two weeks starting Monday!! It's gonna be with the same organization that I did the New York trip with. (Belo USA) The post (and/or video) for this trip will probably only be done when I'm already in Germany since in my last week here I will have to do a lot of the packing and I want to spend as much time as I can with my family.
Hope y'all have a wonderful day!